Friday, March 10, 2006

Razzle Zazzle

I definitely fall squarely into the category of a non-traditional bride. Somehow this non-tradionalness has made me quite averse to all of the cutesy photo wedding stuff that people do. I think save the date magnets with the happy couple's pics on them are really adorable for fact I still have a few on my fridge of friends and smile almost everytime I see them, but they just are really not a fit for me. As a result, I haven't really paid much attention to the whole customized stamp craze as I figured, what the heck are we going to put on them?

Well, has totally changed my mind. For some reason, it never occurred to me that we could put ANYTHING on our stamps...not just a pic of us. We could send a simple message or a cool monogram of our names that color coordinates with our envelopes.

My fave idea was making a stamp out of a pic of other people. I loved the idea of the stamp above. Though these are not my grandparents, how cool would it be to send out our invitations with a pic of my grandparents on their wedding day?


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