Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lash out!

My interest in:

*Plastic surgery: mildly curious
*Teeth whitening: curious
*Laser eye surgery: curious but scared that I'm curious
*Eyelash Extensions: borderline obsessed

I don't recall exactly when I first heard about eyelash extensions, but my interest level is coming dangerously close to obsession. And the more I keep trying to put it out of my mind, the more I keep reading about it and reading about it.

It really just seems like the most brilliant idea ever. The lashes supposedly last up to two months, you can wear them with contact lenses and they supposedly look so lush and gorgeous, you can ditch your mascara. The price tag, however, is hovering in the $200 to $300 arena, and well, I've been trying to be thrifty lately. Of course, for my wedding day, I'm happy to splurge, but I feel like I'd want to take these puppies for a test run beforehand. I think I might have to bite the bullet.

For those in NYC, you can get yourself some eyelash extensions at Glow Spa.


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