Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weddings Gone Wild!

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Wowza! Seriously. If you want to see some eye popping photographs of one of the most lavish, out there, insanely fun looking weddings I've ever seen, check out wedding porfolio of the week long wedding of NYC hotelier Vikram Chatwal to Priya Sachdev. All of their 300 plus guests were flown around India on a private plane (are you reading this dad?) to get from one celebration to the next. There were a slew of parties: a masked ball, celebrations in royal palaces (I think two) and everything ended up in Delhi for the traditional Barat cermony where the groom rides through the strees in a horse and carriage.

For any brides who are having budget struggles with their weddings, I urge you to take a peep at these photos. It will make you feel better...I promise.


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