Thursday, February 02, 2006

My name is Erica, and I'm addicted to English wedding mags

It's hard to convey to others my deep and undying love for magazines, but let me say this: visiting those airport newsstands is, for me, what I imagine its like for some sneaky, slimy husband who visits a stripclub on his business trip without his wife's knowledge--naughty, and yet he(I) can't get enough of it. I don't even blink at spending $30 on all the glossy mags I can fit into my bag, and devour them all from cover to cover.

Needless to say, since I've launched Paper Bride (and gotten engaged myself), I've been slurping up wedding mags like a milkshake. About six months ago, however, I discovered something even more wickedly delicious than wedding magazines: ENGLISH WEDDING MAGAZINES.

I'm now insanely addicted to any and every English wedding mag I can get my hands on--they are *that* good. So good, in fact, that it makes me sad that I never knew what I was missing out on.

Here's why English Wedding Mags Rock:

!. Style File - they have all these sections with tons of little ideas (each accompanied with a photo and buying info). These are standard in U.S. mags as well, but often they will include maybe 5-10 choices in the U.S versions and in the English ones, they throw in twice as many...and much more creative ones too.

2. Ridiculously over the top doesn't seem to exist with English Weddings - Ok, that's probably not true, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to come across in the pages of their magazines. All of the features, suggestions and ideas are just creative, fun and very non-typical. There seems to be scads more inventiveness and innovation on their pages vs. ours.

3. Loads-o-real weddings - English mags always feature a bunch of "real weddings" spreads in every issue. Some U.S mags are pretty good about this, but many only feature on or two real weddings..or none at all.

4. Even the ads are more interesting - There are lots of ads in English mags, just as there are in their U.S. counterparts, but you haven't seen them all a million times already. And they are advertising different brands, dresses, etc, so even the ads are fun to look at.

The only bummer about English mags is that they are a few bucks more expensive than U.S mags, but trust me when I say, it's worth it!

If you don't have a great newsstand in your area, you can usually pick these up at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores with larger magazine sections.


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