Saturday, May 20, 2006

Paper Bride headin' over to the NY Observer

Hello my bridalicious lovelies,

Mama has been bad, bad, BAD. This news has an upside and a downside: with all of the recent success of Paper Bride and Paper Mama, as well as my blogging responsibilties at my main blog, and my contributions to the advice column over at, I have really let bridalicious go. BUT, you can still keep up with my wedding planning adventures and advice now over at the New York Observer's Bridal Blog. Read all of the posts to catch up, but I recently:
*Attended the Modern Bride Top 25 Trendsetter awards dinner (yay!)
*Picked out a wedding gown and bought it in 17 minutes flat (including trying it on)
*Came up with the idea of "wedding planning leave" from work
*finished a game of phone tag with my rabbi
*Received our save-the-dates!

One day when I have more time and a doting staff, bridalicious will be back in its full glory. In the meantime, please don't desert me :)

As always, I love to hear from everyone! So please comment on my posts over at the bridal blog or send me an email through

see ya soon and happy wedding planning!


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