Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bed, Bath and waaay Beyond

The decision about where to register is a pretty agonizing one. Everyone has their own story, theory or formula and only you know what's best for you. Recently, I've been hearing that a lot of brides love the Bed, Bath & Beyond registry. Though I did not end up going to the triple B, I was quite shocked to discover that they actually have a pretty fantastic ideas & advice section on their website with all sorts of interesting/helpful articles on virtually every aspect of wedding planning.

They have sections with articles for the couple, the wedding party and even for guests. I think my fave might be this article on how to be a good guest.

Needless to say they left off the following:
* Do not get drunk and make an ass of yourself flirting with the bride's underage sister
* Do not break dance
* Do not utter the following words to either the bride or groom: "it's all downhill from here;" OR "I hope you have a pre-nup!"
* Do not attempt to perform with the band or "take over" for the DJ
* Do not dip your tongue directly into the chocolate fountain


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