Monday, October 31, 2005

Bridalicious--Bridal, but more delicious

Though they are getting better, most bridal mags are pretty darn borrrring. I've wanted to be a bride for a pretty damn long time, so I've really read em all. After lapping up almost every available issue of Brides, Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, In Style Weddings, Elegant Bride, The Knot, Wedding Bells, Bridal Guide, Town & Country Weddings, NY Magazine's Wedding issues and countless regional others, here's what I've decided:

* My wedding invites will not be on ecru 100# stock with a tried and true black zapf chancery font.
* White aisle runners just look N-A-S-T-Y--and I don't mean "Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty" nasty, I mean plain ole nasty.
* Yes, cupcakes are cute and two years ago were a cool alternative, but memo to the world: the fad is done with and tired by now. Get yourself a piece of cake.
* How good of a friend would I be if I made my bridesmaids wear some "dress uniform" that I want them to wear just b/c I think the color and style fit in with wedding decor? No way, I'm pickin' a color and calling it a day. I've had my chubby arms flying free in too many strapless dresses and had my ill shaped knees forced to come out of hiding and see the light of day one too many times to ever inflict that sort of pain on another human being...much less my bff's.
* CD favors of all of MY favorite music is *not* a nice idea. This will be mine and Mr. Bridalicious's wedding. Perhaps we will want to relive it for years to come, but none of you likely will, so look out for a truffle or a donut or something useful like that.
* I like my flowers on the table...where they should be. Not suspended up in the air in some weird floral nest that you pray won't catch on fire when cousin Billy gets drunk and knocks the hydrangeas into the burning candles.

Ok, so I'm definitely opininiated..and slightly high and mighty. But I really just think that this day should be fun and fabulous and filled with whatever sort of traditions you'd like (or not). I love the direction that wedding planning is going in (personalized, creative, out of the box) and I hope that more brides out there keep blazing down the road of individuality and do it up in style "THEIR way"...I know I will.


Anonymous Jess said...

Hey Erica!

Love, love, love your blog so far! You tell it like it is, girl! LOL @ "Miss Jackson if you're nasty" and "chubby arms flying free" ... Are we related? :-D

Take care, can't wait to read more!


8:47 AM  

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