Sunday, November 06, 2005

Say Cheese

Photobooths at weddings are totally trendy right now. I do love to be original, *but* I also happen to love McDonalds, Justin Timberlake, Target and Desperate Housewives, so how original can I possibly be?

I think this is a fab spin on the traditional guest book and would be so much fun for all of your friends and family to partake in. If I were to have one (and let's be honest, likely there won't be an extra $3k to spend on this, so we're talking fantasyland now), I would make sure that a duplicate strip comes out with each photo session. This way one can be glued into your guest book and one can go home with the guests.

You could even get some pretty paper and make some cool cards that peeps could use to take home their pics in.

Ok, now I really want a photobooth. This sounds like fun!


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