Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Are you a DIY bride?

Without going over the top, I definitely want to include some fun do-it-yourself (myself?) projects into our wedding planning. I want to be careful not to bite off more than I can chew (i.e. I'm not having visions of me sitting on the floor on the morning of my wedding de-thorning 500 stems of roses), but I think there are some great ideas out there in terms of creative favors, packaging or just some little personal touches that can be incorporated.

DIY Bride is a pretty excellent place to start if you are thinking of braving almost any wedding task on your own. They recently just got the site up and running again, so there aren't scads of projects yet, but it seems like a great resource that is only going to get better.

Something I read about recently and thought was so beautiful is the idea of writing a personal note to everyone at your wedding--either to include with the favors or on placecards. I guess this will be easier said than done for some of you brides with gargantuan guest lists, but ours in fairly manageable. I just think its such a special day and love the idea of each guest knowing how excited we'll be to have them there. Is that too velveeta of me?


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