Sunday, November 06, 2005

Paper Bride rocks the hizzouse

This isn't the sort of "big pimpin'" that Jay-Z raps about, but its pimpin' nonetheless.

Though I am now, indeed, finally a bride-to-be myself (May 28, 2006, hollah!), I also happen to have a pretty snazzy bridalicious biz of my own called Paper Bride. Paper Bride is a line of sassy, chic wedding stationery for the hippest future brides. We have cards to send to your new mother-in-law, bridezilla apologies, save-the-date postcards and thank yous for everyone from mom and dad to the caterer.

Our boxes are really pretty, our cards are really funny, and well...If you like my blog, I promise you'll love the cards. You should check them out. Really, buy some. Buy lots. Buy em all!


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