Monday, March 12, 2007

GIFT IDEA: Needlepoint Kits

I must confess, I did get sucked into the knitting craze pretty hard a few years ago. And, to show for it, I now have a rainbow of endless skeins of gorgeous, expensive yarn that is quickly collecting dust in our second bedroom. But long before I was knitting one and purling two, I was a secret needlepointer.

My grandma taught me how to needlepoint when I was 13 or so, and I've been enjoying it on and off ever since. So, I was quite smitten when I discovered the lovely and clever needlepoint kits from AMH Design. Each kit contains everything you'll need to make either a chic journal or photo album (canvas, instructions, needle, threads..even folding scissors!). These kits were definitely designed with the novice in really don't need any experience to just jump in and start needlepointing. Best of all, the projects are fast and easy so you get that crafty instant gratification high.

I think that either the journal or the photo album would make a lovely bridesmaid gift...or perhaps even a gift for your new mother-in-law. For those looking for an alternative to crazy, rockin' all night bachelorette parties, you could also try a fun night in with the girls crafting away.

AMH Design has already been featured on Daily Candy and in Domino mag, so hurry up and start needlepointing before all of your friends catch onto the craze!


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