Wednesday, March 07, 2007

IDEA: Wrap It Up!

I'm addicted to beautiful wrapping papers. On occasion, I've actually spent more money on the wrapping paper than I have on the gift (yep, kinda crazy...I know). I especially love these "Wrap Collections" from Heidi.

The collections come in a variety of chic patterns, colors and shapes and best of all, they come with coordinating ribbons and notecards. These would be so pretty for a group of bridesmaids gifts. I would pick a few complimentary colors and order different wrap for different girls. This gift wrap is a bit pricey, but it's just so darn pretty!

There are so many other fun, creative uses for gorgeous wrapping paper, you don't have to stop with your gifts! You could try:

* Wrapping centerpiece containers on each table at your reception in a beautiful, color coordinating wrap

* Cutting wrap into round napkin rings (could look great at a Shower or Bridesmaids Brunch)

* Using wrap as a page accent in your guest book (if you are creating your own)

* If you are doing a Photo Station or Polaroid guest book, use 6 or so sheets of wrap to create a funky backdrop.

Has anyone tried any other fun DIY projects with pretty wrapping paper?


Blogger Weddingish said...

Presentation means a lot!

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