Friday, March 09, 2007

How "Green" Will Your Wedding Be?

"Green" weddings seem to be all the rage right now. Not literally green, of course, but environmentally green.

The New York Times recently published a story that discusses all of the "green" options for couples out there. It seems many brides and grooms are really embracing the idea of getting hitched responsibly. In fact, they highlighted a wedding planning website called Portovert for eco-conscious brides and grooms that offers all sorts of tips and resources for going green in style.

Have you considered going "green" at your wedding?


Blogger Ways to save money the easy way said...

Truthfully I would have loved to be "green" I recycle but it is so daggone expensive!!! I recycle and get environmentally safe lightbulbs. But some of the stuff is ridiculous.

P.S I am tagging you for rockin' girl blogger great blog!!

7:16 AM  
Anonymous weddings online said...

thnaks for the great BLOG ..

it is ok with my but it is so expensive :( :( ..


11:27 PM  
Anonymous tea length wedding dresses said...

We had a local conservation Wedding. Instead of rice which inflates the costs of the birds that feed on the substance we ask the store management and its advisers, and ordered the prairie knows what seeds of the prairie grass and wildflowers suitable.

7:15 AM  

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