Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm a Travelin' Fool...

Despite a closet full of clunky suitcases, frayed cosmetic cases and a wrinkled plastic bag I always seem to use as a "laundry" bag, I fantasize about being an ultra chic traveler.

If money were no object, here are a few things I would have stocked up on before our honeymoon:

The Direct Flight Carry-On (pictured above) looks like one of those bags that can magically fit way more than you ever thought it could. I'm also a big red fan, and love that the handy rolly wheels are hidden inside ($378).

This Triple Pill Case from Coach is way cooler looking than the blue plastic pill box I got from Duane Reade ($58).

These Henri Bendel Candles from Bath & Body Works are my fav-oh-rite. I love every single scent I've smelled, and I always try to have a few around. I brought one along on our honeymoon and now everytime I light it at home, it reminds me of our amazing trip ($26).

Sonic Impact i-Fusion Portable ipod Speakers are such a great accessory to have...especially if you and your hubby plan to do a lot of traveling. They zip right up in their own handy case, and can easily be thrown into a carry-on bag (94.88).

Bon voyage!


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