Monday, March 05, 2007

Honeymoon Recap: Italy! (part two)

After some rest and relaxation on the Amalfi Coast, we headed over to Florence. If it were possible to marry a city, Florence and I would be husband and wife. I absolutely love everything about this city from the architecture, to the people, to the food and somehow everytime I go, I feel so at "home." We stayed in the Hotel Degli Orafi which was perfectly located right on the Ponte Vecchio and is allegedly where they shot some scenes from the movie "A Room With A View."
My very favorite thing to do in Florence, is to eat Gelato...and we ate a lot of it. It did not matter that it was October...or that one doesn't typically eat dessert 3 times a day, in Florence, its all about the gelato and man is it delicious! Our favorite restaurant by far was La Giostra--a must stop if you are ever in Florence. It's run by a distant eccentric relative of the Medici family, and the food is simply out of this world.

We took an amazing day trip to the Chianti Classico Region with Rebecca of Tuscan Wine Tours. We visited local, family run wineries, had a delicious, homemade lunch prepared by one of the proprietors, tasted the fist batch of olive oil from that year's vintage and met some other really lovely couples.

Aside from a three day stretch that I was sick as a dog, our honeymoon really was everything we had hoped it would be. Neither one of us are "beach people" and we knew that we needed to go somewhere that would keep us active, excited, and eating a LOT of delicious food--Italy was it. I would love to go back for our one year anniversary, but Mr. Beetle wants to go somewhere new...any ideas for us??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Italy is in my top honeymoon destinations list! I love Italy! It was great choice for you!

2:41 AM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

The pictures are absolutly beautiful. I have always wanted to go to Italy! That would be so romantic for the honeymoon...or heck, even romantic if I just went by myself!

And a wine tour!? Perfect!

I think it may be hard to top Italy (since you guys aren't beach people)...I've always wanted to visit New Zealand, Greece, the alps in Switzerland - and the list could roll on. You will pick somewhere beautiful I know.


8:14 PM  
Anonymous bridal gowns said...

After seen out some lovely images of Italy i believes that the Italy is really an best places to arrange your honey moon plan.

7:11 AM  

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