Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ethnic Cake Toppers

Though I never really gave it much thought before, the cake topper industry has not exactly gone out on a limb to represent the mixed ethnicity couples of today. Thankfully, a company called Renellie has stepped up to the plate.

To best represent your unique situation, you may choose between eight interchangeable figurines. You can pair a White Groom, Black Groom, Latino Groom or Asian Groom with a White Bride, Black Bride, Latino Bride or Asian Bride. This would also work great for gay couples as you can choose to match brides with brides or grooms with grooms. As you get to choose the two figurines for your own cake topper, you can ensure that it best represents you and your partner as a couple.

Even if you choose not to use one of these on your wedding cake, it might be fun for a groom's cake or even for a cake at a rehearsal dinner or shower.

I love to see companies out there embracing the unique needs of couples today by taking on issues such as these. As busy wedding planning bees, what other areas or items would you like to see some more ethnic diversity in?


Blogger Hunter Vaughan said...

Yes the toppers are quite nice, but if you are looking for even more fine tuning and personalization check out http://www.magicmud.com/Wedding%20photos.htm where many elements of the couples interests, hobbies, activities are incorporated. All are totally handmade to order, 1 at a time, with over 30 years of experience. You can even design your personalized topper over the phone at 1 800 231 9814 with the very artist who will bring your cake topper concept to reality. Following are the types of responses the figurines receive..

Hi, Hunter.
Officially, I just wanted to tell you that the cake topper was loved by all!
People raved about it! People clapped and squealed with delight when they
saw it. Even more amusing was the fact that we had such an array of desserts
that we only chose to have a wedding cake in order to display the topper. So
we had this bitty cake and a great big overwhelming cake topper that was the
hit of the dessert table!!
Thanks again! Feel free to display it (along with any of my comments) on
your webpage!

Hello Hunter
I just wanted to send you some pictures and a little note to express our deepest thanks for creating such a wonderful wedding cake topper for us. It was so amazing and captured us perfectly.
It became the star of the night as so many of our guests wanted a picture of us posing in front of the topper. I did plenty of "name dropping" that night because the cake topper is too terrific to keep a secret.I know they will be SUPER jealous that they didn't find it first. Thanks again for everything.
Jennifer H& Neil H

Hi Hunter!
Just now opened our cake topper (evidentially it was left on our front porch and we just found it today :) The intricate details are amazing.....we love it!!! Truly amazing and beautiful!! Thank you for packing it so securely! I cannot wait to see it on our cake in October; especially if the Mets are in the series!!! I'll have to send you a picture.
Thank you again........you've been a pleasure to work with!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that it's great to see companies embracing the unique needs of couples today.

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12:55 AM  
Blogger bala murugan said...

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