Monday, January 23, 2006


For those brides who are not on the "I need to lose weight pronto" train, you probably want to skip this entry (and screw you! just kidding). For those of you who are riding shotgun with me, I know I need all the help I can get.

There is a ton of fab stuff on the internet to help a sista out and I recently came across this site called GyMP3 which offers downloadable mp3 workouts (which can go straight to your ipod) from different celeb hollywood trainers. They have running workouts, full body workouts and even 5 minute workouts for those of us with packed schedules. You can listen to samples on the site and they seem surpisingly easy to follow. Apple also recently started offering iworkouts.

My other latest discovery is Fit TV, this awesome cable channel that is jam packed with all sorts of fantastic workout, diet and healthy lifestyle programming. I'm in love with Gilad, a former Israeli Army officer and all around ripped dude. I've been tivo-ing his exercise programs and doing them every day. DVD's are great, but I was finding I was getting bored, so through the magic of tivo, I'm able to stay fit and do new routines every single day. They have lots of other great shows too, so if you are looking for yoga, boot camp, pilates or kickboxing, just cruise through the listings and find shows that will work best for you.

Speaking of fit and fabulous, my fiance is in training for a half marathon! He's gettin up every day at 7am to run, so feeling sloth like and lazy in bed, I've been following his lead. There's nothing like mooching off of someone else's hardcore motivation!


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