Saturday, January 28, 2006

Heart + Sole

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Ok, there's cute and then there's CUH-YUTE! Heart + Sole a wonderfully inventive new company that creates "shoe jewels" to help make your special day even more special, most definitely falls into the latter category.

Shoe jewels are a fantastically clever means of personalizing your day with gorgeous swarovski crystal dates, monograms and even an adorable little E+G (substitute your own initials) in a heart. These most certainly will "put the sparkle into your step." All jewels are placed on the bottom of your shoes and handy dandy instructions are included with every order. Best of all, the shoe jewels stay on permanently, ensuring that your wedding day kicks will be forever bejeweled.

Heart + Sole can come up with custom designs, and the appliques will even work on most fabrics (so you can make cool bridesmaid tees, hats or whatever you'd like).

CUH-YUTE. I heart Heart + Sole.


Anonymous AMT said...

I have to TOTALLY agree with Erica's post regarding Heart + Sole! Awesome design and a very unique yet personal addition to your wedding!!!

The McCabes (owners) are great to work with! Super customer service!


8:51 PM  

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