Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cheapie wedding mags

I'll cop to the fact that I was actually buying wedding magazines before I was engaged--wedding porn if you will. Sure it helps that I own a wedding-centric biz and always needed to do "research," but don't think I wasn't clipping dresses I liked or first dance song ideas long before I was bling blingin.

I read loads of magazines, I mean A LOT and this can seriously get pricey. But I've discovered a fab online resource called discount magazines that has really saved my life...and wallet.

Most one year magazine subscriptions are only $5.95..that's for a whole year people. So for just about the price of a single copy of a magazine at Barnes & Noble, you can get 11 more. In addition to many others, they have some great wedding mags including Brides, Modern Bride, Bridal Guide and Martha Stewart Weddings (though Martha is a smidge pricier). You can also buy gift subscription for people, which is a pretty fab "congrats, I heard you're engaged gift" for a new bride-to-be.


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