Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Gracias...or not

I was pretty blown away by this article our friend at Ruby Red Design blogged about on the state of thank you notes today.

I can sum it up for you this way: people just don't send em' anymore.

Someone recounted a story of recently attending a wedding, giving his friends a very generous cash gift, and instead of receiving a personal thank you, he was sent a mass "thanks for coming and thanks for the gifts" email.

Look, I love email just as much as the next gal. The internet has made planning (and attending!) weddings oh so much more pleasurable--you can buy gifts online, book your trip with great travel sites, chat with other brides, map out routes, etc. BUT an email thank you is rude, insensitive and just plain ole wrong.

Being a bride and planning a wedding represents a really amazing time in one's life. For me, I've been blown away by all of the special treatment, attention, well wishes and love that is sent my way, on almost a daily basis. I feel like a thoughtful, well written thank you note is the LEAST I can do to say how much I appreciate all of the fabulousness (both literally and figuratively) that has come across my path. I'm sure you must!

In honor of the ever important, ever useful, never to be forgotten (in my book, at least) thank you note, here are a few of my faves:

Blue Bird Thank Yous from Pink Loves Brown

Sewing Machine Thank Yous from Side Pony

Any of these lovely folded notecards from Carrot & Stick Press

Sassy Shape Card thank yous from Tobi Wood Designs.

Gracias, fer sure.


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