Saturday, December 03, 2005

Perfectly Charming

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the practice of buying your whole bridal party the same gift to say "thanks." I get that this works for some, but all of my bridesmaids are pretty darn different and unique and I couldn't even begin to think of one thing that would work for all of them.

Despite the fact that are wedding is many months away, I decided to start picking up little gifts here and there so that I'm not overwhelmed by coming up with an insanely clever idea a week before we say "I do" when my stress level is through the roof.

I've already bought some gorgeous silk cosmetic and make-up bags on sale from H&M (these puppies were cheap, but look super luxe!). The other day I came across these Little Charmer Clips and thought:
a. How cute!
b. I can get different charms for all of my girls
c. They would look adorable on the cosmetic bags (or anything else the girls want to use them for)

I'm getting the ring charmer for a friend who is hoping to get engaged herself soon (for good luck!), the tiara for my little sister (as she's always the little pricess), and the shoe and purse for my friends who are...well, obsessed with shoes and purses.

I'm charmed.


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