Sunday, December 04, 2005

FAVORS: Pretty box'o cookies

My first order of business is to confess that this is idea is not my own.

A few months ago during a marathon internet wedding research session, I came across
One Girl Cookies. I've tasted One Girl cookies at Dean & Deluca and they are, in fact, very delish. But they also happen to have an adorable wedding favor of a plain brown box filled with delicious cookies. The neat thing about the box is that it comes with a great old photo glued to it with images from old family weddings, celebrations, etc. If you are looking for fast and easy and can spend the cash, One Girl might be your best bet. I, however, am really hoping to go DIY.

I loved, loved the idea and thought how neat it would be to put something together like this but with photos from our own family. We could use pics from our parents' weddings, our granparents, pics from when we were kids, etc. We can print them out in sepia or black and white tones and use those fancy shmancy scalloped scissors to make them look old.

I found these great pink bakery boxes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Best of all, we can use a family recipe for some delicious cookie or dessert treat to put inside of them.

I'm not positive that this is what we'll do yet, but I love the idea.


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